Hello Again.

My fascination for horror started in the 2nd grade. Freaky ? Very.

As the years went by and I grew older, my taste in horror movies started getting a bit strange.
While my sister cringed at the sight of someone being gutted, I stared at it with morbid fascination.
I don’t know what intrigues me or why I’m not easily grossed out (maybe because I know it is FAKE).

The very first horror movie I watched was Ginger Snaps and I was in love with it. It had gore and everything you could expect from a typical teenage-girl-on-hormones-gone-wild plot. No spoilers, but you should really watch it if you haven’t seen it. The sequel didn’t do much for me though.

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Horror movies were very different 10 years ago. I still remember seeing some brilliant movies when I was a child and loving every minute of it. I remember this particular movie where the children on a particular island go insane and kill their respective parents (try watching that with your parents, and you thought watching Game of Thrones with them would be weird).
For some weird reason, zombie movies don’t really fall into the horror category for me. They’re not scary. I mean it is a dead person trying to eat you (or rip you to shreds) but if a human being who’s alive can do 10 times the harm a zombie would do to you, who are you really supposed to be afraid of?
Zombie’s just don’t scare me ( if you have some good recommendations, please feel free to comment ). The only zombie I like is Rob Zombie. Have you seen the man’s movies ?
Lets talk about foreign horror movies. If you venture outside Hollywood, you’re actually going to find a lot of really good horror. Let me name a few : Audition ( Japanese), A Serbian Movie ( Serbian), Goodnight Mommy ( German ), [REC] (Spanish). Goodnight Mommy was bloody brilliant.
I think foreign horror movies are just a lot more believable. And they actually have an umm script.
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The Saw franchise will always be my favourite. I know it doesn’t have much when it comes to a proper story but whoever created those traps for the movie is brilliant. Did you know that the first part of Saw was made on a budget of 700 thousand dollars? Do you know how much it made at the box office? 100 million !! The reverse bear trap is my favourite. Do you have any favourites ? Let me know in the comments below. Do you think of Jigsaw as a vigilante or a murderer?
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My sister and I watch horror movies overtime I go to Goa to visit her. I usually fall asleep in the middle of it and wake up to her shrieking. She hates clowns. Why do people think clowns are scary? All I see is bad makeup. I know they’re supposed to make you laugh but would you really want your child to see that? There are other ways to make them laugh, like cartoons.
Has anyone seen a good horror flick based around a clown (No, the 4th season of American Horror Story doesn’t count) ? I saw a movie called Clown by Eli Roth. Did I think it was amazing? Nah, but it did have the potential to be. Eli Roth (for those of you that don’t know him) made the Hostel movies (the first 2 parts, don’t even bother with the 3rd part ). Hostel was brilliant as well. A bunch of guys travel to the end of the world to get laid and end up getting caught in a vacation killing racket (Guys beware). He recently came out with the Green Inferno and Knock Knock (with Keanu Reeves). I was really excited for Knock Knock but it was so bad. What happened to your acting Keanu?  The Green Inferno was finally released online after being banned literally everywhere. It tried too hard to be a modern take on Cannibal Apocalypse or a Cannibal Ferox but an overall good attempt.
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My mom thought that this horror movie obsession was just a phase but I guess that was not the case. I really miss a good horror movie. Nowadays there is too much focus on making a horror film as gory and bloody as possible (not that I mind). I miss movies like Sinister, Oculus, The Conjuring, Insidious etc. Also, what the hell were they trying to do in Sinister 2 ? Hollywood is remaking too many movies and they’re missing the whole point. Horror is not about glamour or eye candy. Get real actors who know how to act instead of trying to get sales up by casting a glamorous bimbo. You might have a great script but thats easily ruined with a bad actor.
My ideal stress buster would be coming home and watching a horror movie, no kidding. I think there’s something wrong with me. One movie I really enjoyed recently was Crimson Peak. That was beautiful.

Guillermo del Toro really did it again. There was something about this gothic romance that makes me want to watch it all the time ( besides Tom Hiddleston of course ). They got everything right, right from the actors to that magnificent house and the bleeding crimson coloured clay. Everything was perfect especially that plot twist. Please please watch it.

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think I’m ranting a lot. Im not saying every other genre sucks I just prefer horror, every.single.time.
Do you ever get that feeling that someone is watching you ? I get that a lot, then I realised it was just my cat.
If anyone has any more recommendations, please let me know in the comments section 🙂