“What’s up with the West? Everyone seems to be talking about Mindfulness as a therapy. There is no such thing as mindfulness therapy. Aren’t we created to live a life of awareness to our highest potential? By nature we are to be living life by applying our mind to our present needs. I don’t understand why the West makes such a big deal of mindfulness.”

These are remnants of a candid conversation with a senior psychotherapist in Amsterdam. Imagine my face gradually changing like a chameleon from excitement of having an amazing opportunity to exchange therapy ideas with a renowned European scholar, to ugh? `What the heck are you saying?’ to narrowing my eyes indicating this old dude has lost it, to `Mister, you’ve missed the enlightenment train,’ and finally checking out with a blank stare waiting for the conversation to end. To my dismay, I heard “Why do you think the West needs Mindfulness as a therapy?”
Well, frantically counting on my fingers to make my scholarly point (a) high level of anxiety and stress (b) super busy lifestyles (c) addictions (d) depression (e) wellness. I could have continued with several other reasons, however, when I paused to catch my breath the gradual exhale began to clear my racing mind. I became aware of the points I was making, and I realized I was contradicting creation. The points I was making was a reflection of what mankind turned into and not what they were created to be – “by nature we are to be living life by applying our mind to our present needs.” Reminiscing in the past and losing the present to preconceived negative notions of the future prevents one from loving, living and being. Is this what mankind is turning into? Indeed the Western culture has been riding the fast paced train for quite a while now, and it has begun to take a toll on families, children and relationships.
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Personally, Mindfulness has played a huge part in aligning my mind, body and spirit. I’ve overcome depression caused by childhood abuse and neglect by learning to connect to my inner thoughts and change the way I perceive the world today. Mindfulness has helped me to apply my mind to my present needs which has further helped me to find a balance between my personal, professional, marital and family life. Instead of following my primal instincts of freeze, fight or flight, when I feel unsafe or threatened, with mindfulness I’m able to process and step by step work towards resolving challenges. Practicing Mindfulness helps me to minimize the level of trauma and PTSD I encounter in my personal and professional life. Mindfulness keeps me safe, it helps me to be present and appreciate life. Now, I live better, I love zealously and I’m able to meditate any place, anytime. Conversing with the senior psychotherapist in Amsterdam made me aware that Mindfulness is indeed a state of BEING and that along with the West, I will continue to live a life of awareness to the highest potential.
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This is how I Live, I Love and I Mediate (Honestly there are days I’m challenged).
– Live for todaylike there is no tomorrow
– I utilize all my senses to experience the present
– Live with no expectations, it allows me to receive
– Live to my fullest potential by accepting all aspect of self
– Love unconditionally, whenever I can
– Love with all my heart, passionate about my projects
– Teach others to love, example my children
– Share the love I receive, with friends and family
– Spend some time alone, in nature, outdoors or indoors
– Listen to the sounds around me, near and far
– Focus on my breath, is it deep?is it shallow?
– Pay attention to my body, is it relaxed? Is it tensed?

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Caroline Da Costa is a certified holistic wellness life coach. She specializes in energy psychology and conducts international workshops on Eastern holistic techniques. She is a Blogger and a published author contributor in ‘Spirituality and Human Psyche.’
Website: www.innervisionwellness.net

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