Have you ever been pestered by friends from out of town who ask you, `So where’s the party? Yes? All the time? Short from rolling your eyes and blowing a fuse (there’s more to Goa, duh), shopping for fashion in sunny Goa gets eclectic with Danish designer and author of `Pushpa,’ Inger Solberg.

A certain European glamour surrounds Inger’s work. Her muse, the bohemian global trotter with a flair for life, colour and Indian eccentricities (mirror work, hand work embroidery, home linen, jewellery).
Decoding Inger’s creative drive is easy as a designer. Based out of Goa over 4 years and generously influenced by resort and beach, her storyboard reflects her own interpretation of West loves East. Inger states, “I love mixing fabrics of Indian origin, source handcrafted handicrafts as accessories and transform them into western cuts. Women should be colourful and not be afraid to stand out,” we agree. After all, what’s the point of being part of the herd?!! Completely at home in Goa, a certain old charm meets her new world. “The Goan life is tranquil. Dresses should therefore not be too formal or city-like, but more wearable, relaxed and affordable.” Add to your bucket list.
Solberg retails online – www.solberg.ind.in