I know that it’s easy to get sucked into some annoying couple behaviours that you swore you would NEVER do when you were single. When I was single, I told anyone who would listen that I would never compromise any of my friend time for a boyfriend. Any of it.
Well, call me a hypocrite, because I have. It’s impossible not to skimp on your friends a little bit when you start dating someone! It’s too hard to juggle everything to make sure things stay exactly the same. Anyway, my point is, we all fall victim to annoying relationship behaviour at some point. If you’re attached, you probably don’t do every single one of these things, but I’m sure you’ve done at least one or two.

Here are 10 things all girls in relationships need to stop doing immediately:

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1) Getting angry whenever he/she notices someone else.

Your partner should definitely be faithful to you but thinking that they will never notice anyone besides you is a bit ridiculous. We are all human. Looking at someone else does not mean that he/she will cheat (unless they have a past history of wandering eye syndrome). If your partner is flirting or being really annoying about it, that’s one thing. But don’t be over-the-top jealous because you caught him/her checking someone else out, or because they said someone was cute. It’s not realistic to assume you’re the only person they find attractive.

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2) Prioritizing Your Relationship Over Everything

It’s totally fine to make your relationship a top priority in your life – in fact, you have to in order for it to work. The problem starts when you start to go a bit overboard. Skipping parties and ditching your friends all the time to hang out with your parter can get annoying. Make them miss you, how will he/she ever miss you if you’re always together?
Also, don’t base every decision you make in your life on them (they could just turn around and leave you).

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3) Patronizing Your Single Friends

Its great that you’ve found someone who makes you happy. As happy as you are believe me, your single friends don’t want your patronizing advice. Examples: “You’ll meet someone soon.” “Just do this, I did it, and it worked.” “Don’t worry, you won’t be single forever.”
Stop doing that, no one wants to hear it. Unless you are asked for advice, consider keeping it to yourself. Also, not everyone needs to be in a relationship to be happy.

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4) Baby Talk (In Public)

Just dont.

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5) Putting Everything Online

Again, whyyy? Do you have to tell complete strangers that you had a fight (you think you’re being discreet when you change your relationship status from being in a relationship to single- on facebook? Think again). The world does not need to know what’s going on between you guys. Your relationship should have two people in it – you and him (not you, him + random strangers). Keep your shit to yourselves.

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6) Comparing your partner to anyone else.

I’ve seen many relationships fail because the girl (or guy) has unrealistic expectations of how their partner is going to be or how the relationship will turn out. This is how comparisons to fictional characters or imaginary ideas start (why cant you love me the way Edward loved Bella – *gags in the corner*).

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7) Bringing your partner everywhere

You do not need to bring the person you’re dating to every place you go. End of discussion.

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8) Talking about your partner constantly

Yes, you’re in love and you want to say his name to every person you meet. This is okayy for a couple of days (depending on how new the relationship is). Your friends are going to get bored if you have nothing to talk about with them besides your boyfriend. You’re a smart girl, you do have other things to talk about. Do that.

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9) Too much PDA

What exactly counts as too much PDA? Kissing and hugging is fine but if your hands start to go to not so PG 13 areas, ya’ll need to get a room.

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10) Snooping

Its not cool to spy on what your partner is doing (dont be surprised when they call you crazy if you get caught). If you absolutely need to know something, ask them.

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