New Single ‘Akela’ by  Bass music luminary, MojoJojo in collaboration with 23-year-old artist, Akshay Oberoi, captures the many feelings of lost love in the bustling chaos of life. Released today, September 28, `Akela‘ is a powerful, emotional, future bass track which masterfully blends lush synths and melodies with the deeply emotional vocals of Akshay Oberoi.

MojoJojo, the lyricist, composer and producer of the track says”This song explores the feelings of loneliness, sorrow and confusion associated with love lost, and while I wanted to do something similar to my older works, I wanted to express all these with a fresher sound.”

The track is accompanied by a visually captivating lyric video, that really sets the vibe for those rainy days and makes you want to put in on repeat loop.

Listen and watch it here.