Kim Kardashian used their 'healing powers' to recover from a robbery

Kim Kardashian says she used their ‘healing powers’ to recover from a robbery. Photo Credit: face to face

2019 has been an uplifting year for me, ever since I dedicated the year to pursing and seeking new life goals. A chain of chance meetings and discoveries have led me to people living an alternative path of being since then. Ever the explorer, and driven by curiosity (always), Pankaj P Soni presented himself to me at an entrepreneur’s event, developing an interesting conversation around Crystals and its healing stories from millennia.

Born in a family of Arya Samaji, Pankaj says he has always been driven by a quest for a spiritual understanding of life, having seen frequent havans held at his home to “clear the air space” with spiritual mantras. “Personally I started with meditation around 1993 and learned about the Alpha level of being and how you can program your mind to achieve what you are looking for,” shared Pankaj over a cup of hot tea. Then few years back, heeding a calling to learn more about crystals, “after confiding in my Guruji who suggested I listen to my inner voice and seek what was seeking me,” Pankaj went on to study deeply about Crystals, and today it has changed his life.  So, collecting a  few crystals, Pankaj says he gave them to his relatives and friends and told them how to use this. “I kept a close watch on their behavioural changes, meditating for them, visualising their healing through these crystals, constantly sending them positive energy and vibrations. Energy connects our aura and works with our chakras, so that an inner balance is achieved. We can achieve what we want, and what is good for us. I saw deep behavioural changes in my relatives and became more and more convinced that healing with crystals is absolutely possible, ” shared Pankaj, beginning the journey of We R Crystals.

Pankaj P Soni, Crystal Healer, We R Crystals

Certainly, being a crystal healer must have its challenges? “Be sure and clear of what you want, and it can be achieved, ” Pankaj advised.  “I totally believe that the Energy received from the Source is so Strong, that if you ask for anything you can receive it very fast. But it all depends on how capable you are to handle that what you receive. So, I tell them (clients) to first be very clear of your requirement, and why you want this. This helps many to start being more focused on what they seek,  and help assist in manifesting their actual dreams. Once they see these changes, they start feeling happy with what they are receiving. This in turn creates alignment with your chakras, helping your aura get stronger and supporting you to reject negativity and accept positivity,” Pankaj explained.

So while celebrities like Adele, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry, Kim Khardarshian all swear by the healing powers of Crystals, and interior designers have strongly started recommending clients to crystal inspired home decor to create balance and energy in home spaces,  I must confess that Pankaj’s enthusiasm and absolute conviction have begun to rub on me as well. All it needs is an open mind, clean inner spaces for faith to dwell in your spirit. After all, what do they say about faith can move mountains?!!

Pankaj P Soni of We R Crystals can be reached at +91 8329 728 021


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