Teenagers can get overwhelmed by constant bombarding on how love and romance should look like from social resources available to them. At times it can be scary and uncomfortable to those who are new and not yet ready for a serious relation. A conversation with a 14 year-old teenage girl revealed that she would like to receive a valentine’s gift, but not the pressure that sometimes come with it. She says she would rather chill out at home and binge watch Netflix than be pushed into a relationship when she is not ready. Another conversation with a 17 year-old clarifies his decision to take it slow this year as a result of a heart break he experienced last Valentine’s Day. He says he felt socially pressured into a premature relationship that ended bad.

So, how to encourage teenagers to experience love and romance on Valentine’s day? How to teach them responsibilities and to be mindful not to cause their Valentine discomfort. For teenagers, love and romance should be encouraged within healthy boundaries, they need guidance especially considering their hormonal and impulsive nature.

Parents, your teenager may be ready for his or her Valentine’s date, but are you? How can you respect your teenager’s life experiences and guide them in making healthy choices? From one parent to another, here are some socially and age appropriate tips on how to guide your teenager on this special day.

Community theme night

It could be at a school, church or a youth center where supervision is provided. Usually such events offer themed games and movies especiallygeared towards youngsters.Such environment provides opportunity for social skills building, healthy communication and overall a great experience for young love in a group setting.

Outdoors activities

This could be a walk in the park, outdoor sportsor just hanging out on the beach. This provides an open environment and could encourage teenagers to be mindful and respectful of each other while having a blast.

Indoor activities

Arcades make a great hangout. It encourages teenagers to  mingle with like- minded teens which is great for social connections. Also indoor activities such as rock climbing, laser tag, bowling, couples painting, and even go-carts helps with team building. Don’t forget movies and popcorns!

Family time

It can be super fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. Your teenager can invite his or her love interest over to experience how love in celebrated in your family system. This can be especially meaningful to those teenagers who lack positive role models. Family occasionsprovideopportunities for bonding and guidance.

Of course, parents should be aware of their teenagers’ maturity level. An open conversation of the does and don’ts of dating should be addressed on a regular basis. Candid conversations help teenagers in decision making, confidence building and developing self-esteem.

Caroline Fernandes is a Psychotherapist & Holistic Wellness Life Coach, based in Atlanta, USA. You can write to her at caroline@innervisionwellnessllc.com