A journalist recounts tragedies of Alcoholism and the inspirational stories of healing and recuperation. Anant Gramopadhye meets the author, Maria Viency Cardozo
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This book is certainly going to make you think twice before you hold another can of beer or whisky glass.The book “Diamonds Under My Feet: Touching Stories of Families Battling Alcoholism in Goa and Elsewhere” is all set to be released at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on May 28.
“The book is about families of alcoholics who through the program of Al Anon (a branch of Alcoholic Anonymous) have survived a tragic past to look towards a new beginning,” said Maria Viency Cardozo, author of the book.
A journalist-turned-writer who met several families before writing this book, stated that this is the first hand account of the trauma faced by families. The book is published by Goa 1556, a Goa based publishing house.
Maria who has worked in newspapers in Mumbai before beginning career as a freelancer in Goa, says social issues have always interested her. “Alcoholism was one problem I felt that needed to be highlighted. I came across the Al Anon program through my interest about writing about families and those suffering from alcoholism,” she added.
The writer after speaking to several family members opined that Al Anon program seemed to change people’s lives and give a new beginning for many. “This hope became my main motivation to write the book,” she said.
Maria says meeting the people (interviewees) sharing about their lives have been a humbling experience.“To know the inexplicable damages that could possibly happen to an individual or a family of an alcoholic and how their lives changed from nothingness to a new life again is inspirational,” said the writer. “This became a highlight point for me. That life has hope however damaging the situations,” she added.