“The right man will love all the things about you that the wrong man was intimidated by.” ~ unknown

Her beaming smile is the first thing that catches your eye.

She’s the type of woman who dances in the rain and swims naked under the moonlight. She will stop everything to help an animal in distress and will fight alongside those who’ve been wronged.

She is strong and beautiful—and can be hard as hell to love.

Loving a wild-hearted woman means checking your ego at the door, knowing that you’ll never own her heart. You see, her heart is wild as she wanders on her own path letting the wind guide her way.

She believes in karma, crystals, travel and good coffee. She is a nomad, always stretching her wings and ready for the next adventure. Strong-willed. Too much for any man? Many, intimated by her strength, intelligence, and fire. The woman who follows her heart, sets out to win, adding spark to her flame. She’s #WildAtHeart

 Disarmingly natural and full of life, Sushmita Sen lends her voice and large hearted support to the cause of forests and wildlife, the source of all humanity.

As she stood in the recording booth at Orbis The Studio, Mumbai, fit, healthy and enthusiastic, an aura of earthy sensuality enveloping her personality, the world’s Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen gave voice to the #WildAtHeart `The Story of All of Us’ film, speaking up for the voiceless, and all her creatures, big and small, the Wild. Where do all wild things go? To the Forest, to the Forest

Reflecting a genuine passion that speaks from the heart, Sushmita’s involvement in this narrative’s execution, is infectious. Caressing words into life, effortless syllables forming imaginary gusts of wind rushing through robust forest leaves across the expanse of the wilderness, the untame-able torrent of gurgling streams pouring through mountainsides, icy winds like pins and needles on raw skin, transporting me into the bosom of lush Indian forests and her creatures of the wild…

Passionate Forest Conservationist and Wildlife Photographer, Anish Andheria gifted Sushmita a special shot of a young Bengal tiger cub in support of her wholehearted participation to the cause

You are the howls that haunt every full moon!

You are the roar of a tiger!

World over, the ever growing surge of humanity has already pushed Nature and her multi-hued inhabitants into the thresholds of extinction. Hardest hit, the Indian forests are our lifeline, balancing our survival with a fragility that now demands our earnest involvement as caretakers. We have taken so much for granted. Tigers, elephants, snakes throughout the country displaced with rampant deforestation, as humanity pushes and demands more land, more food, more fragile resources, devouring hungrily, greedily off an already tethering eco-system. Where then goes humanity from here, if this riot of resources is not brought to check?

Team Social Access, with Founder Lynn de Souza

Candid moments: Film director Veena Bakshi

Wildlife enthusiast & Social Access director, Deepam Rami 

Poet-Author`The Story of All of Us,’ Harshal Shetye with Sushmita Sen

As Sushmita’s voice reverberated through the walls of the studio, I could feel a wave of resonance almost reaching out to every cell in my body sending out a silent whispering, connecting cells across the planet. We are all specks of life beating to the just mundane living and breathing. There is a silent soldier, a crusader, a warrior sleeping dormant in each one of us. An intuition that tells us right from wrong, good from bad. It is this intuition that we must tap into, power into, energise, draw from, to fuel social change. To be that voice, even if in the wilderness, to inspire and create a sonic boom of concern and participation. A contribution to Change. Who else then do we reach out to, but to the Wild At Heart…

As the campaign gathers momentum, and the young participate with their voices, join in and create a circle of compassion and awareness to birth our `Wild at Heart’ soldiers of Mother Earth. Trust me, You, and All of Us are needed NOW more than ever.

Come be a #WildAtHeart




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