My idea of happiness: Would be inner peace, happiness in looking after my family, son and  working.

Words I most over-use: Words I use a lot? Seriously, hey ram, boshimoi (in Russian oh my god).

My current state of mind: Inner peace through workout and meditation, enjoying life to the fullest.

3 things in my wardrobe that defines my style: Jeans, classic top and jacket. Keep it simple.

My evolution from teenager to woman: Modelling is the best thing that happened to me.  It made me realise my worth, my height.

My favourite words that reflect my personality: You are never a loser till you try quitting. Don’t react, respond.

What makes an ordinary girl a Super Model? Loving the camera. Being comfortable in roles told  to you to execute, as it is silent acting. Be ready to learn everyday. Most important, be a diva in front of the camera, off camera be a humble person.

3 Travel destinations on my bucket list: America, Switzerland, Bali.

3 songs that lift up my mood and make me feel happy: Neele neele amber, Brother anthems, any songs of Helenji.

3 movies that will be forever remembered: Jab we met, Raffo Chaker, Golmaal (old one)

I want to be remembered for? I only know one religion and that is humanity.

Cover Photograph: Sanjeev Kumar

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