Imagine waking up to a peacock who has suddenly found your balcony to greet the early rays of the morning Sun. Or, a flock of the Malabar Pied Hornbill nesting just above your rooftop, undisturbed by the cackle of your daily life and its mundane business of humanity. Rolling trees that let you reach out and touch within arm’s length. Streams of life nurturing backwaters of the Chapora River that lap gently and rigorously with the flow of the tide or persistent oars of a local fisherman. After the day’s work is done, and the chase of the rat-race that all of us succumb to is lived, a home to nest, a home to rest, a home to belong, is the call of the soul. The spirit calls when it is ready to manifest to the call of the land. You must pay heed. This is Goa we just painted, as the Goa which still lives in its heartland. The land which brings together the wandering spirits of the world, the homesick, the forlorn seeking for deep inner stirring, or simply the son coming back to the mother.
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In this tug of the inner being, Amoravida by Atmanya finds its own design board to re-create a luxury eco-living community for the aware individual. Spread across 1.26 acres at Manaswada, Dhargalim, Goa, nestling abundantly in the biosphere of the Western Ghats. Believing that awareness creates responsibility, and in this a conscious idea to sustain biological diversity by applying bio-regionalism to minimise carbon footprint on the land. The way forward Atmanya believes – with signature bespoke properties in the Himalayas, Atmanya Himalaica (luxury homestay), Atmanya Bardhow (community based village homestay), Atmanya Kumaon (luxury nature based resort), Atmanya Corbett Conservancy (private conservation reserve) — is in “working to achieve a delicate balance between building a community, maintaining the microclimate of the site, and nurturing natural resources. Preserving the richness of its forests, mangroves, vegetative cover, riverine and tidal ecosystems and wildlife refuges is of uttermost importance.” And it’s true, their properties well-covered and reviewed by lifestyle media in India and abroad.
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Hence, the concept of Amoravida’s TreeHouse Bungalows in Goa. The latest global trend in bespoke back-to-nature living. Melding into the woods, creating a tranquil sanctuary, an intimate embrace of nature to offer an unrivalled living experience. The result is a distinct architectural style that clusters dwellings together, and yet creates a sense of separation through transitional spaces – artful courtyards, plazas, shaded glens, play areas and pavilions. “The vertical composition of the TreeHouse Bungalows also makes them much more than just impressive buildings to `look at.’ They are great places to `look from,’ to feast your eyes on the spontaneity of nature and its many moods, the changing colours of the landscape, the light, wind, sun, trees, plants, birds and wildlife. Giving one truly a on top of the world inner well-being,” elaborates Atmanya. Did we mention the Skywalk that floats through the tree tops interconnecting the residences? A unique playful architectural element that allows you to experience the bio-diversity around you without disturbing the fragile ecology below. It is truly on top of the world!!

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Creating seamless experiences
Many key features makes Amoravida a seamless experience, inside out. Inspired by the ethnic dwellings of Goa, the sprawling sheltered outdoor patio is designed as a key feature – a permanent lounge with large glass doors along the entire facade to create one continuous experience zone, inside out. Step out with a drink, or just lounge around with a book, or sun gaze. By day flowers beam as swallowtails and tawny butterflies flit around them. By evening, the forest becomes silent and the backwaters catch the last rays… At night the occasional flash of lightning lights up the sky. For those who seek privacy, an exclusive in-built hydrotherapy home spa in the private corner of the patio to sink in and forget the world… Idyllic? It is and why not? You have worked bloody hard for it!


Landscaping for beauty and community
A `home in the garden’ landscape design experience that is mostly modernist, sometimes vernacular, but always inventive, adds beauty to its beholder. Oasis-like-reflecting pools, seductive seating areas, shrines, roofed amphitheatre, terraced plazas, lazy decks and cosy pavilions become spaces for art, performance and interaction. “It’s a 15 family community intended for neighbours to become friends and friends transform into a community,” shares Atmanya.

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Living spaces that Breathe
Own up to your Zen personality where the social and private spaces are segregated and yet linked through intuitive movement between spaces. Artfully planned windows maximise natural air-conditioning and a quiet sense of luxury. Each bedroom large and well-proportioned designed for efficient, ergonomic use. `Lend your own voice to your own home,’ urges Atmanya with intentional earthy and light palettes to allow your environs to `speak’ and bring forth your distinct character. After all, your home is an extension of you. A fitness gymnasium and a spa suite lends an overall rejuvenate, re-energise philosophy to good living.

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Go with the flow
For countless generations, people all over the world have migrated to the waterside as a source of growth, beauty, mystic and sustenance building communities around it. Amoravida captures this essence creating features around the restorative and invigorating qualities of water. So simply step out onto your patio and gaze at the calming waters of the Chapora River, or take a leisurely boat ride down the river to Morjim beach. Stroll down the jetty or laze at the shack. So go ahead, set your own course at Amoravida Goa and find yourself.

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About Atmanya
Amoravida is a signature project of Atmanya Projects LLP. A group whose mission is to create unique spaces that inspire clients to discover their true atmanya, the Sanskrit word for `Connecting with the Self.’ Atmanya is a profound effort to change the way we live, interact with our environs and relate to each other. A commitment to build new communities of like-minded people who cherish the idea of owning assets that embody these values. Like Amoravida.
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