Using the healing benefits of the Alexander Technique, Chyna is celebrated for giving women confidence in their high heels while saving them from the trauma of long-term back pain.

Born of Jamaican parents, and having recorded and internationally toured with the greats, Bob Dylan, Seal, Peter Gabriel, The Who and more, Chyna was familiar with the pressures of looking glamorous at ALL times. Constantly wearing stilettos during performances caused chronic lower back pain, and having completed a year long world tour with Eric Clapton, she found she could no longer wear her heels. Fortunately she came across the Alexander Technique, and noticed an immediate improvement, which was all the more surprising as previous chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy efforts had all failed to deliver long-term results.

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Recognising the potential to help other women, Chyna studied the Alexander Technique in depth for three years and saw the benefits it also offered for successfully wearing high heels for long periods of time. Now as a fully accredited teacher of the world renowned technique, and known as the High Heels Guru, Chyna has been featured on GMTV, Britain’s Next Top Model, in print within The Telegraph, Daily Express, Glamour, Red and the Daily Mail, regularly sharing her insights and going on to teach thousands of women worldwide. The proud author of Master the Art of Wearing High Heels, Chyna is changing lives for the better and now training her very own Chyna Dolls — an army of women keen to impart her successful techniques to others across the globe.

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Talking to,Chyna believes walking in stilettos is an empowering statement of style, grace, power and independence.

“The high heel revolution is on! The trend setting modern day woman is educated about wearing high heels. These women are gathering all over the world to talk the business of high heels and how heels are working for them. Great self-presentation! Perfect posture, style, grace and ease. Her movement in heels puts her in a class of her own. Business is booming! She’s unforgettable; everyone wants to buy into her. The way she walks and swagger’s in high heels is enough to close any deal and leave uneducated women wanting to be her.  – She walks the talk.

What I love most about the trend-setting modern day woman is that she is so feminine, elegant and powerful, and finds no need to misplace her power by becoming harsh and aggressive to succeed in business. She knows how to get what she wants through feminine grace and elegance – and gets it! She knows the key to her success lies in her knowledge of knowing how to tap into her inner goddess through mastering the art of wearing high heels, and with this knowledge the world is her oyster.

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If you’re a woman who wants more power and presence in your life, then let me show you how. Empower yourself.  If you’ve been feeling ‘flat’ or low in energy lately, take a look at your footwear. Perhaps you could do with a lift by putting on a pair of heels and leave those flats in the cupboard. Let me give you some hot tips on how to get you feeling sexier.

  • When walking in heels, think of the ball of the foot contacting the floor first. Not the heel. If the heel hit the floor first, one is in trouble in terms of balance.
  • Never lead with the heels when you’re wearing high shoes. It puts you off balance and can make you fall off the heels. It will make your walk look ugly and what we’re aiming for is to look poised and gorgeous.

If a woman is uneducated about wearing High Heels, it can usually be death to good posture and play havoc with the alignment of the spine, not to mention tightening up the calf muscles and cramping the feet. The Alexander Technique, helps to perfect a way of wearing heels and maintaining decent posture, which not only makes you look great, but is good for the back, spine and general wellbeing.

It is usually taken for granted that anyone taking Alexander lessons in pursuit of good posture will wear sensible shoes. As for me I found that I have bent the rules. I’ve always been a performer, a model and a vocalist, but doing all this in high heels gave me terrible back problems.

Someone suggested I take lessons in the Alexander Technique and it helped me so much, that I decided to train as a teacher. But then there was the question of the heels. I realized I couldn’t do my job without high heels, so I would have to learn to balance in them. Alexander Teachers tend to think that the technique is all about being grounded, with your feet on the floor, but I’ve found that you can also be ‘grounded’ in heels.”

When women wear heels, it can make them very heavy on their feet.Gravity is trying to pull us down, too. The Alexander Technique works against gravity, to lift us up and lighten the weight on our feet. Women call me up after the lessons and workshops to tell me that they have had shoes in their cupboards that they never wore because they couldn’t balance in them. Now they can. It’s very satisfying.

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