French artist, a resident of Goa and award winning sculptor, Yahel Chirinian pays tribute to everyone’s favourite Lord of Wisdom, Lord Ganesh with her magnificent sculpture,  MAHAGANAPATI, The Supreme Lord.

This masterpiece, says Yahel, is a work of love and labour. “We are working on it since the last 3 months, all of us at the studio, day and night. It is a unique piece, one of a kind,” she shares enthusiastically in a  state of high energy. “The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. Is the universe a great mechanism, a great computation, a great symmetry, a great accident or a great thought? My Art is totally useless, my art is only poetry. It is beautiful because that is my specialty, I only create serenity and beauty. I have never done a sad work,” she states.


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And it is a work of beauty. What a lovely tribute to Lord Ganesha, with the upcoming festivities already looking up in Goa and rest of Maharashtra.

MAHAGANAPATI, The Supreme Lord: Size is H 190 cm / L 140 cm

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