Speaking to #ThinkGeekMedia, Samant explains the inspiration behind his collection showcased to a standing ovation at the #FDCI#AmazonIndiaFashionWeekAutumnWinter’16.

“Traversing thousands of miles like Marco Polo, on horseback mostly, through uncharted deserts,  over steep mountain passes, exposed to extreme weathers, to wild animals and very uncivilised tribes men, my `Rajputana’ is a travel saga through a myth laden silk route along Nepal, Tibet and China covered in wild and exotic landscape… This group of fearless people with their sheer grit and courage combined with well equipped utilitarian gear, managed to survive the harsh weather conditions and avert any hostile attacks.

The `Rajputana’ collection takes you back to the Middle Ages where travellers along these roads were attracted not only to trade, but also to art and cultural exchange. The journey of our `Rajputana’ culminates in Mongolia – a country rich in ancient heritage and unique beauty – and hence a pre-dominance of oriental influence in a collection exotic in mood, sentiment and textile.
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