All meetings are synchronicity in motion. There are no accidents why we meet people. Why some stay, some drop off. And how in the knowledge of this truth, each of us is given an opportunity to learn, grow, experience and to let go.
When Shraddha Pandya of Brandits invited The Stiletto Diaries to her `Great Talk and Book Swap‘ soiree to commemorate World Book and Copyright Day (April 23) at Waves Cafe, Mount Kiara, it was a journey to be made. And well worth the time spent in a lovely gathering of book lovers and authors.
Meet the Authors
(L-R) Authors Shu-Tze Tan, Dato Dr M Shanmughalingam, Lai May Senn and Emcee, Nisha Dias
Books are forever companions
A rapt audience at the Great Talk and Book Swap
Regaling audiences with his short stories of life in Malaysia. Dato Dr M Shanmughalingam at a book reading in session
Hosting a meet the authors and book reading by celebrated Malaysian personalities, Lai May Senn, author of  `O.R.B‘ who wrote her spiritual reckoning of self discovery during the lockdown; Dato Dr M Shanmughalingam of `Marriage and Mutton Curry,’ capturing the multi-racial, multi-ethnicities and multi-cultural fabric of elite Indian Malaysians and entertaining the audience with a book reading; and the futurist technologist,Shu-Tze Tan of `Human Race in 4.0,’ juxtaposing technology and human relationships in the present and future.
Each author shared stories of their personal journeys and awakenings to a rapt audience, putting pen to book in their hope to inspire readers in particular, and the world at large. Re-looking at humans and our relationship with ourselves, technology, spirituality, community and the old art of book reading. Initimate discussions, personal sharing and an aura of community prevailed over the entire evening.
Shraddha Pandya of Brandits
(L-R) Author Ethel Da Costa, Shu-Tze Tan with a young fan and author Tahira Khan
Authors United: (L-R) Authors Dato Dr M Shanmughalingam, Ethel Da Costa, Lai May Senn, Sharddha Pandya, Ankita of Waves Cafe, a guest and Shu-Tze Tan
Always room for a selfie. With Ethel Da Costa, Shraddha Pandya and Shu-Tze Tan
Emceed ably by Nisha Dias, the book soiree also saw authors in the audience invited to speak.  Singapore based but currently in Malaysia, author of the `Golden Door,Tahira Amir Sultan Khan shared her experiences writing her book as a testament to truth and integrity. As also International Lifestyle Journalist-Influencer and Author of The Stiletto Foodie – A Blog Binge in Malaysia, Ethel Da Costa who illustrated how her book on soulful food explorations in Malaysia birthed itself during the pandemic.
The happy book corner at Waves Cafe, and healthy food to keep you company 🙂 
The beautiful lush green poolside venue `Waves’ Cafe run by Ankita with a plush book corner for lounging, a carpet of fairy lights hanging from the ceiling, and an abundance of plants creating an aura of wellness, was ideal.  A smart menu of healthy food saw a lovely melange of conversations and sharing happening over iced teas, pastas, salads, burgers and beers. An enriching evening of the like-hearted, like-minded and new friendships over soul stories. Well done, Shraddha. May there be many such more.

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