Summer is blistering heat, frayed nerves and hungry withdrawals for food that does not bog you down. The pit-stop for a recharge before you hit the workload stress highway – and makes for great business lunches, or a hot date night – is SUSHI. Now this is acquired taste, but if you love to experiment, then dive straight in.
We pick some of the best we found around town:

One Degree Restaurant, Vagator
The plate itself is worthy to feast with your eyes. Yes, presentation matters. Madhu Tamaskar loves her food, and that makes us love her. Dragon Roll, Tuna Maki and Spicy Salmon Roll (yum yum) `star best-sellers,’ as Madhu shares, go down fast over conversations. Authentic ingredients including sushi rice and sushi vinegar, kikkoman, make the experience rich with flavour, while the selection of Scottish Salmon and Yellow Fin Tuna make you forget you are actually in Goa. It’s a mental flashback to Vietnam and Cambodia, you wonder why these countries never figured in your travel lust list. Time to now.

Nom Nom, Mumbai
We love this city and all the madness it represents. Great times to unwind after a hectic day, is Nom Nom with Mumbai’s best reputed Sushi in town. Going by the media reviews they like to trumpet, it is.

Planet Hollywood Goa
The trip down South, is worth the drive, time and break from the rat-race. If you check in at PHG, ensure you are in no hurry to get back to capital city. The Sushi platter is reward for making that right choice. It was so nice, we ordered it twice. A signature secret is the crunch (deep fried flour sprinkled generously on the Salmon) and that makes this experience an inviting proposition.

Koi Asian Dining, Calangute
This stylish Asian dining destination has grown on the Goan and out of town visitors. With all the right elements of Oriental decor and mood lights that – and it could be our imagination – seduces your palate to explore, experiment and a surrender a little. Same with your Sushi exploration. The hit list reads they do have their game face on: California Roll (Crab stick, Cream cheese, Cucumber and Avocado). For the bold at heart, the Spicy Salmon Roll (Salmon, Cucumber, Wasabi, Spicy Mayo, Miso Sauce). Not to be left out and play to the Goa fan gallery of football and spice and that’s how we like, the FC-Goa Roll (Red Snapper, Avocado, Cucumber, Reichado Sauce). This is a no quick bite and hit the road place, so take your time, savour, throw your head back a little and feel…