The new word to power dressing is Comfort, says Nehza Alaoui from Morocco, a lifestyle writer,designer and editor of Mayshad , who was recently in India to speak on `Live your Best Life’ at the Women Economic Forum 2016, Delhi.

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“When I travel, I have days that take me all the way through my morning meetings to my after-work drinks, and sometimes, professional dinners… I cannot afford the time to go back to my home and change in between. So, this is how I rock the Mayshad shirt dress, mixed and matched with middle high heels and accessorized with the Mayshad scarf and the Maison Mayshad Cabas, perfect to turn any day into instant evening glamour.”

“I want Women to use Fashion and Luxury for  the enhancement it brings to their Lifestyle,  not because of any social pressure,” believes Nehza, who lives the motto that women must be who they want to be. Fist pump,sister!!