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Ever walked home from work and looked around to find nothing but similar tired, dull, faces looking down impatiently, waiting to head home in a hurry? But hey! Look closely, look around you, you’ll find art. You’ll find it everywhere. On that billboard, on the side walls that strategically has the “No bills here” sign posted on them, random graffiti and street art on sidewalk lanes of Bandra, Mahim, Dadar, Andheri West. You’ll notice how someone took the time and the initiative to put some life into dirty walls, making a quiet art statement for the city.

While we completely miss out on the richness of our own streets –because we are too busy getting things done, or probably just taking it all for granted – imagine what a different sight it would be to see and feel the presence of Art right across our streets, city walls, buildings, flyovers,  skyscrapers, seeking our attention.

Looks like it’s finally time for us to look away from the city chaos, and focus our attention on the drama that’s going to unfold through an extraordinary collaboration of 58 Indian street artistes. This big, powerful, street collaboration through Suede Gully will have 8 rappers 36 dancers and 7 artists who will turn Mumbai’s boring gullys into scintillating art galleries. So very cool, right?! There’s more.

Suede Gully, India’s largest street art collaboration, is an enormous platform where among other street artists, 8 incredible Indian rappers from four different corners of the country and cultural influences, will perform. These rappers are fearless, raw and bold; each one of them with a unique story to tell. They are everything contemporary, but are still rooted to where their journey began – the gullies of India. Hence, making their art unadulterated and their spirits, unwavering.

The crew of rappers includes Bombay’s Divine, who creates music that reflects him and his life. In all his work especially in the tracks, “Farak” and “Mere Gully Mein,” you can catch a glimpse of where he comes from, as he expresses his love for Mumbai and how it has contributed to his growth and personality.

Another rap artist featured is Delhi’s Prabh Deep, whose work documents his everyday life and his realities that millions of Indians can relate with. Whether it’s “Suno” or “Kal,” his work is beautifully realistic and truthful. His genre, conscious hip-hop aims to create awareness in society.

While these artists create music about their lives and experiences, the work of this Shillong based rapper group, Khasi Bloodz echoes their take on politics and declining morality. Their latest track “Don’t Stop” is the perfect example of this.

From the south, Madurai’s rapper group, Madurai Souljour showcase their unshakable cultural pride in their work. With tracks as “Yeppadi Padinaro,” you can experience a unique amalgamation of local culture and hip-hop.

These are some of the 8 astounding rappers who are set to provide you with an experience of a lifetime, making Suede Gully a manifestation of real, raw and authentic street art. Such a collaboration, we will agree, is unlike anything ever seen before. With every artist showcasing a unique style, a different take on their everyday lives and awe-inspiring stories, an epic visual journey awaits!

You want more now, don’t you? Launched on November 5th WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO HERE.

Story and images inputs: Being India, FirstPost, Google