Delhi is a conundrum of paradoxes. Ancient heritage and prejudices, luxury and old money. History keeping pace with new age vice, and then an explosion of  decadence. Exactly what makes Casa Pop such a thriving, cosmopolitan address with its kitschy pret diffusion line by Raseel Gujral Ansal. A lady Delhi’s cognoscenti reckons as a force of outstanding ability in architecture and interior design. We agree.

As one of India’s leading lifestyle designers, and daughter of India’s noted artist, Satish Gujral, Raseel Gujral Ansal has been ceaselessly valued for her outstanding ability in creating new design trends. Her design philosophy emphasizing a refined use of art, magnificent objects, patterns, strong silhouettes, textures and a sophisticated color palette, that is beautifully balanced to provide a refined original signature. Raseel is candid enough to say, “My father is an artist and that is my heritage, my genealogy. As part of my experience, as my mother tongue, my religion, I accept it with honor. I do not analyze it or question it. I value it.”

Targeted towards the young urban diva, Casa Pop lays emphasis on ‘High Voltage Living’ with a design language that is ‘Born in India, Made in India, For the World.’ The mood of the brand is young and buoyant which is reflected in their designs that seeks to set the trend of both utilitarian art and conversation pieces in today’s home decor landscape. Which, as we all know, is a buoyant, flourishing vertical currently in India.

This one-of-a-kind retail concept presents a range of limited edition pieces that ferment the brand’s legacy, whilst ensuring its appeal to the trendy and vibrant urban consumer. Illustrative graphic visuals remain the cornerstone of a Casa-Pop product and the masterful playfulness trickles down to wallpapers, fabrics, tableware, and home ware and incidental furniture.

Unique and extremely versatile in its core DNA, international in its design language, it remains the only brand in India which represents the whimsical, colorful and tasteful style of its creator, Raseel Gujral. As India’s leading lifestyle designer, Raseel believes “We have masterfully embraced India’s diverse global and seasonal influences and converged them into Casa Paradox, the high end luxury, sophisticated brand which is about creating an `experience, a mood’ that has spawned other ideas in our constant aim to be relevant and evolve.”

For those familiar with the brand, Illustrative graphic visuals remain the cornerstone of a Casa-Pop product and has in the past been a much talked about exhibitor in International trade circuits with Maison Et Objet — an international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture.

What makes Casa Pop so special? Watch the video linked below. Here’s to creating home-happy spaces.

Images: Casa Pop