ranjit rodricksRanjit Rodricks, Mumbai based fashion blogger, is a man about town and now on a flight to London for the #Wimbledon #SollySport by Allen Solly #Sportswear #collection

Before heading out, he shares a quick take with EthelDaCosta.com on `What makes his city, Mumbai, tick?’

“What makes my city tick is undoubtedly the fact that on every street you will see a celebration of some kind. Whether it is a wedding procession or people from the roadside slums blaring their Bollywood music and dancing with abandon, there’s always a party on the streets of Mumbai. 

What also makes my city tick is the nightlife. Mumbai truly never sleeps. Even if you’re returning home at 4.00 am from a party, you’ll see groups of people huddled around a chaiwala on a cycle, having a late night (or early morning) coffee with a ciggie. 

Yes, all of this brilliant energy, the lights, the sounds, the smells (even of bombil drying by the seaside at Carter Road) is all a part of my everyday existence and hence, defines me.”

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