It’s true that all good things come in small packages. So, don’t you be fooled that size matters, ladies  😉

When my little care package arrived one balmy, humid afternoon in Mumbai, I ripped open the brown box and took it straight with me to the shower. I was heading there anyway, and this was a coincidence saying put it pronto to the test. Most skin care bath products leave you high and dry, once you step out into the real world. And my combination skin is as fussy as me with a Sangria not chilled enough, even on a November cool night out.

The Glow Co care package had come calling with their brand new Coffee Sparkle Scrub and the Cini-bon Bar. Are you one of those who wonder if a product looks good, can you take a wee bit bite from it too? I am. And I did. The coffee beans just too tempting not to sniff and chew on it, without the cinnamon soap getting into your teeth. It smelled good too. Very good infact. Now we all know that Coffee, like Chocolate, is a mood lifter. It did mine, as the bar lathered and scrubbed my skin mildly, the coffee beans making it good on the grip and the cinnamon micro flakes naturally polishing the skin as you hum a tune to the shower beat.

It’s been almost a week since its arrival, and the humming continues. I improvised my bath water with a drop of Mashobra Honey and Vanilla Bath & Shower Oil by Forest Essentials, and even my cats are now sprawled outside the bathroom door intoxicated with the goodness of wellness scenting my bedroom. I’m a creature of smells and sights. It is established.

The Cini-bon Bar with Cedarwood Oil, Cinnamon (my favourite spice) and Goat’s Milk, does great as a massage bar as well.. Just take your time with it and enjoy the process, sister.

Speaking with the Founder of The Glow Co, Ratasha Agarwal, woman entrepreneurbased in Goa and driving her beauty and wellness entrepreneurial venture out of her home kitchen — didn’t our mamas say that all beauty remedies comes from the kitchen? — she too believes what you eat is what you see on your skin.  Between work and her home chores, we got talking on how the beauty industry is literally re-writing how we perceive ourselves and buy beauty products today. Thanks to the resurgence of organic, eco driven sensibilities,  and a rethink at women as consumers driving the beauty narrative. Wellness and self care is a personal commitment, as Ratasha agrees with me in our little rapid fire chit-chat:

Ethel Da Costa: How did the idea of the Glow Co pantry come about?

Ratasha Agarwal: It started with more of a personal need for chemical free skincare, and then gifting it to my friends who came back for more . Thus The Glow Co was born. Our Instagram  handle is called @glowcopantry as that’s where I had started making my products.

ED: What is your own idea of beauty ?

RA: A healthy and well cared skin simply glows and shows  to me that is beauty.

ED: What makes The Glow Co. special ?

RA: We work with essential oils for a particular skin effect.We are also  flexible to customize for our customers.

ED: Which are your own favourite products and why? 

RA: On a regular basis, I have extremely dry skin. So I use the Aloe Oil for my hair and general body moisturizing.

The Coffee Sparkle Scrub I use on a regular basis for exfoliation, especially before I am going for a party or an event. The Buttercup Body Butter is something I keep in my travel bag/purse always for quick moisturizing  if need be.

ED: What’s up for the festive season? 

RA: Well coming up for the festive edit we an traditional ubtan called RANGOLI – which is sandalwood and chironjee face/body  pack. It helps even tone your skin colour, and also enhances your original skin tone. The BEER BAR – the beer soap with cinnamon  flavour  helps to cleanse your skin thoroughly while protecting it (barley is a natural cleanser, and the natural fermentation of malt helps with anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

Okay, sounds delicious to me already. Here’s where you can go grab your festive booty (yup, rhymes with bounty) and thank me for it later. Happy Diwali, darlings.

The Glow Co

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