In the heart of Rimini, the Motor ValleyMaserati brought together the press and industry insiders for the long-awaited Folgore Day.  The event took place on the 110th anniversary of the Modena-based manufacturer – the Trident’s narrative rich in commercial and racing successes have included the creation of some of the most iconic cars in the history of international motoring and many wins in high-level motorsport. Folgore Day officially marked the brand’s entry into the new electric dimension with the Folgore range ready to dominate and represent the Brand’s future around the world.

A journey of electrification, innovation, luxury and excellence in the best Italian tradition on which Maserati has embarked with the launch of its 100% electric models: GranTurismo Folgore, the Trident’s first all-electric car; Grecale Folgore, the first SUV powered by a full-electric powertrain; and now, GranCabrio Folgore, the elegant and refined open-top version of its award-winning grand tourer sister. On top of these, the MC20 Folgore super sports car, set to debut in 2025.

“By 2028, the entire Trident range will have been fully electrified,” announced Maserati earlier this year when it shared its long-term strategic vision including a growth plan aimed at sustainable profitability further into the future with the focus on the constant evolution of the brand and its products. In this scenario, the Trident range continues to be entirely designed, developed, and produced in Italy with Modena and the historic plant on Viale Ciro Menotti remaining the crux of this challenging new era of mobility.

Maserati’s “IT TURNS YOU ON” campaign, featuring Damiano David
Officially kicking off Folgore Day and infusing all the energy of Maserati’s new era was the official launch of the “It turns you on” campaign, starring the fascinating and seductive Italian musician and singer-songwriter Damiano David, who has climbed the world charts with the rock band Måneskin that he fronts with his unmistakable voice.

In a 90-second film, whose creative concept was developed by the communication agency Naïve and produced by Buddy Film, the internationally renowned Italian director Gabriele Mainetti – supported by exciting shots by director of photography Diego Indraccolo – and the talented photographers Paolo Zerbini and Max Sarotto, creators of the campaign stills, put their name to a story that exalts and celebrates everything Maserati: passion, vision, innovation, the Italian spirit, intuition, dedication and enthusiasm. The style overwhelms and enraptures, in terms of how we appear, how we stand out from the crowd and how we simply live our lives.

The atmosphere and the opening notes are typical of the Dolce Vita sophisticated yet easy-going Italian spirit admired and beloved all over the world. A thriving young man drives away in his car, a Maserati GranTurismo Folgore; his magnetism immediately and naturally lights up his surroundings and catches people’s eyes. Damiano David at the wheel of Maserati’s first 100% electric car: a star storyteller bringing together the iconography of the Trident in its Folgore version of transmitting the energy of conquering the new.