Her energy. Her dance moves. Her Vantablack bowl cut hairstyle. Her eccentrically giddy delivery and awkward pause punchlines. Asian-American star comedienne, ATSUKO OKATSUKA is coming to Malaysia!! Not a face or personality you can easily skip unnoticed at a party, or forget like yesterday’s watered down dry martini at your local pub. And certainly not a run-of-the-mill comedy show expected when headlined by the inimitable Atsuko.

Best known as the only second Asian-American woman ever to get her own HBO special with her breakout 2022 `The Intruder,ATSUKO OKATSUKA has quickly become a rage, a rising star, and one of the most beloved stand-up talents of Asian origin to hit the globe worldwide. Taking over the international stage like a medal decorated general conducting an orchestrated city riot with her colourful quirky fashion, belly holding laughter, depreciative humour and flashbulb wordy innuendos, Atsuko is a ticking dynamo waiting for a lit matchstick.

Born in Taiwan, raised in Tokyo and living in Los Angeles, Atsuko pronounced “ahtz-ko,” and her last name pronounced “oh-cots-ka,” describes herself as `a ditz’ quite unfairly to illustrate her blissfully unconcerned, unaware of her surroundings, late to the party, stage persona. Her comedy content largely recognised with a distinctive blend of observational humour, replete with cultural insights worthy of an exceptional and engaging storyteller.

Atsuko’s comedic style seamlessly weaving together her tragic personal experiences, PTSD loaded triggering childhood anecdotes and social commentary of society as a child and young adult growing up in Taiwan, Tokyo, and LA has garned her a dedicated fan following. Both in the United States, Asia, and internationally. Fans share that onstage Atsuko has an “alchemical way of telling the tale,” that gives her audience permission to laugh.  Fans are also known to show up at her performances in trademark bowl cut tribute wigs, showing Atsuko’s influence as a social and cultural pop culture icon.

Influenced greatly by the likes of Robin Williams hurling herself around on stage like the physical comedians she grew up watching namely Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin, “because silliness is a universal language,” Atsuko went viral (though not for the first time) during the pandemic for a social media creation she dubbed the #DropChallenge inspired by Beyoncé’s “Partition” – in which she stops, mid-conversation, or mid-chore, or mid-walking, to very suddenly drop it low to the floor. A rage that brought focus to her style as a consistently `trending’ content creator.

Shares Atsuko of her brand of comedy that has made her so popular as a note-worthy talent in showbiz entertainment, “I think there’s different approaches, ways you can approach comedy. One is anger and that’s funny to people too. But that’s not why I got into it. I don’t like for my comedy to live in that space of anger,” describing her on-stage brutal honesty of her personal life stories that shaped the life of this comedienne.

Excited to present the Malaysia leg of Atsuko’s international Asia Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Chief Executive Officer, LOL Asia, Rizal Kamal states, “We are thrilled to welcome Atsuko Okatsuka to Malaysia for what promises to be an unforgettable night of comedy. Her comedic talent and ability to connect with audiences on a personal level makes her a stand-out performer. We are excited to share her unique brand of humour with Malaysian audiences.”

Ready to spill your guts onto a tissue till you laugh-cry at the show?  Limited Presale tickets go on sale from May 9th 12pm to May 10th 11.59pm at https://lolasia.bigtix.io/ while General Tickets open online on May 11th at 10.00am.

Attendees are encouraged to purchase tickets early at the LOL Asia official website in order to secure your seats for what promises to be a sold-out show on July 25th at the HGH CONVENTION CENTRE, KUALA LUMPUR. Show begins 8.00pm.

Atsuko Okatsuka `Full Grown’ Asia Tour 2024 is presented by LOL Asia and BOHM Presents.

For more information, visit https://lolasia.bigtix.io/ 


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