With Self Care, inside and out, being my #NewLifeGoals this 2019, this beauty box by Glow Co came as a gift on time to make an occasion of my bliss out agenda. Having tried their natural sourced products earlierThe Coffee Scrub is a skin life saver and a permanent go to as my bath routine — I looked forward to the Valentine #BoxOfJoy which came customised just for my skin type. Now we all know that a combination skin can be a worry, or a boon. That’s if you have tuned yourself to how your body speaks to you, and how your skin responds to your bidding. With practice comes perfection, they say. I had got it right.

So, determined to make this Valentine an occasion to remember for myself, I indulged in a luxurious down time for self on Valentine’s eve, as roses, chocolates and a teddy bear came calling close to midnight from an admirer. In a city that never sleeps, Mumbai, night hours can easily extend into day glow. Which is exactly how I woke up!! My lunch date had many compliments to shower, as so from the next table guests.

Wrapped in a beautiful package to ensure all the products were safe, a cute card inside the box with a face towel and a corsage, set the mood. It’s always the little details that matter. Two delicious looking beauty soap bars, Rose Bar and Skin Breakfast with a combination of rose oil, rosemary oil, oats, cinnamon put the spin on my skin exposed Sun. The smells delicious, which is how you prep up on seduction anyway.

The Aloe Oil for hair and body, non sticky, light, is a welcome add on to a Spa session which has become my weekend mainstay. While an Orange Peel for lips and/or face has taken a place of pride along with my Coffee scrub.

You’ll agree that my skin looks way better than it did 🙂

Fall in love with yourself, and watch how  your body and spirit rises to the occasion. Shine on, darlings. Go Glow Co!

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