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Empowered Women Empower CHANGE in Society

THINK GEEK MEDIA’s EMPOWER with Transformational Author-Sports Entrepreneur, Sonalli Guptaa, was a resounding success

When Society rises, Change is inevitable. Putting strength in the philosophy that `empowered women empower women and men,’ Think Geek Media’s #KnowledgeIsPower  2nd edition of EMPOWER initiative for social good held at Dhempe College, Carmel College and Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise in Goa, saw full hearted participation by both women and men, declaring the event a huge success.

Presented by Think Geek Media — an award winning Media & Lifestyle Content and Communications company based in Goa and MumbaiEMPOWER is the brand’s CSR platform to #Inform #Inspire #Influence diverse audiences through information enabled curated media events, designed to support present and future thought leaders towards collective society and community change.

(L-R) Founder-Think Geek Media, Ethel Da Costa, Author Sonalli Guptaa


​Founder-CEO, Ethel Da Costa of Think Geek Media, stated, “EMPOWER aims to bring celebrated talent in Art, Film, Music, Women issues, once a month to Goa and create a shared environment of inspirational learning, self development, information sharing platforms towards empowerment for women and men. This second edition held in Goa on Aug 31-Sept 1 with  Mumbai’s noted Self Transformation Author, Conscious Healer and Sports Entrepreneur, SONALLI GUPTAA was full of energy packed sessions, empowering young adults of Dhempe and Carmel College towards self care tools in body positivity. Their response was magic.”

Author of  `Love, Life and Everything in Between,’ owner of Magika Asteria (Mumbai’s champion women’s throw ball team), and a Business `whisperer,’ Sonalli Guptaa strongly believes in empowering her audiences, and contributing towards building holistic self relationships, fostering healthy body positivity. She said, “Think Geek Media’s initiative and women like Ethel Da Costa are what we need more and more of in every city, every town and every village of our country to INSPIRE and EMPOWER us all; and create a platform for all of us to be a contribution towards each other, and society and our country at large. I am humbled to know that I could be a conduit in empowering Goan future through its young adults and women, to recognize their own worth and the immense power that lies within each one of them, through self-love and self-acceptance. I too am, EMPOWERED.”

Clarinda Dias (center) with Team Dhempe College of Arts and Science at the `Claim, not Shame your Body,’ Master Class by Author Sonalli Guptaa

Ably supported by Dhempe College, Miramar, and Carmel College, Nuvem, with full house participation towards the `Claim, Not Shame your Body,’ Master Classes, Dr Vrinda Borker, Principal, DCT’s Dhempe College of Arts and Science, said, ”We need to make significant efforts towards enabling students to develop  a synergistic relationship with society. This will happen only when we instil an innate sense of confidence and positivity in them. Events such as `Claim, not Shame your Body,’ under the aegis of EMPOWER by Think Geek Media are great ways of doing that. I thank author Sonalli Guptaa for interacting with our students. A creative melange of academics and co-curricular always yields the best results,” Dr Borker shared.

President-Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise, Flory Gracias with Founder, Think Geek Media, Ethel Da Costa launch Polio Eradication Campaign with WGM

Adding social awareness to empowerment was Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise, with the launch of the World’s Greatest Meal (WGM) programme to raise funds towards 100% polio eradication across the globe. Hosted by President, Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise, Ms Flory Gracias at Nanutel Hotel, Margao, the book launch of `Love, Life, and Everything in Between,” saw Margao’s noted social literati, homemakers, and professionals coming together for an evening of information lead community sharing. Rotarian Dr Lenny Da Costa, presented the Polio Eradication vision of Rotary International towards making the globe Polio free.

Stated Flory Gracias, President, Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise, “The role of a leader is not to get people to follow them, but to empower others to lead and be an inspiration. This event empowered us to introduce WGM, a Rotary International initiative to spread awareness and raise funds towards eradicating Polio, which is the mission of Rotarians like us, around the world. Empower and author Sonalli Guptaa’s thoughts resonated with each of us, feeling inspired to take steps in accepting our true selves. Rightly said that Change begins first with Self, ” Ms Gracias concluded.

EMPOWER was Supported by Rotary Club of Margao Sunrise 

In association with Dhempe College of Arts & Sciences, Carmel College for Women, Nuvem and Andores Resort & Spa.

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