Hey beautiful people,

This is your friendly stylist Raffealla writing this week about something very interesting. I like to call it the Hippie Remix. As many Asians like the bohemian and hippie look and love to style up with large prints, baggy clothes, jewellery and earthy to bright shades, I will sharing some tips you would like to know.


Did you know that Bell Bottoms were originally made for military uniforms? It is believed that they were first used by the US Navy in 1813.
A fashion icon in the 70’s, these flared pants are back on the runway. With their flared out bottoms, these pants gently go straight down making us feel somewhat wild and somewhat gypsy. With their increasing popularity, bell bottoms were later adopted by hippies and again became  a ramp rage in the 90’s… They continue to inspire collections the world over.


Here’s why we simply love them.

  • They are a versatile garment and easy to match. Why don’t you go to the office today in a hippie remix version? Open your closet and pick a blue striped, long sleeved T-shirt with a boat neckline. Let’s play down their  military legacy. Pick dark denim oblue cottonthey are both perfect. Pick what you are most comfortable with. Heels or flats? The answer is outrageous heels and XL eco leather tote bag (chic).
  • Large geometrical shaped printed dress? Wow, perfect.  Get a thin gold belt and accessorize it with some feather earrings and some chunky bangles and you are ready to go.
  • We all love floral prints, so try some mis-matching colours with a contrasting colour scarf, necklace or shoes and spice up the hippie remix look.
  • How about you breathe new life into your old pair of sneakers? Get some vintage laces, metal studs, colourful beads and decorate the shoes the way you want… Make it crazy as much as you can.
  • Why throw your old jeans? Let’s up-cycle it with a funky hippie bag or pair of funky shorts. Cut the edges and work on the raw edges with thread tussles and go totally Pocahontas.
  • Head bands and hair accessories can help you  in  getting that bohemian look, even with a simple white shirt and jeans… Try out some interesting forehead bands, feather clips, feather and coloured hair extensions, fake braided hair clips, huge floral clips with touch of funky feathers.
  • How can we forget the cool casual look T-shirt and jeans…well, we all love it. In fact that’s my most favourite look. Spice it up with a scarf, some chunky accessory pieces, some bead necklaces, bangles, rings and bracelets and you look rocking.
  • Accessories play a strong role in getting that bohemian look perfect. A printed clutch bag, contrasting shoes, couple of rings, bracelets and perhaps an arm bracelet?  You will look exotic, beautiful, spicy and ethnic.


Everybody loves make-up… Dark blusher, nude lipstick, dark eyes with feather lashes…!! Try some coloured eye liner, colourful eye lids with contrasting mascara… Your face is so colourful, it will be worth to stare at.

The hippie remix is beautiful when you do it right and you never get sick of the look. So try these things out for a party, a cocktail, fashion show, outing with friends or even when you are shopping.

Fashion is seasonal, style is eternal, so create your own style as statement.



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Images of collection: Hemant & Nandita, Tarun Tahiliani