This Sugar is way addictive and ladies around the country who are fans are not, for once, complaining. We discovered this new cosmetic line, Sugar Cosmetics MakeUp Range, by accident. And like most inventions by accident, this close encounter completely changed the way we window shopped for make-up. We can’t stop raving.

Launching a range of mattes in regular tube and crayon lipsticks, with an ultra smart range of smudge proof eyeliners, this brand keeps it simple, focused and pocket friendly. Without crowding the cart with too many in-house cosmetic products, Sugar stays focused on high pigment, smart packaging and maximum footage for their star game changers: Eyes and Lips.

Pout Pucker
Lip stains have taken the market by storm. Kylie Jenner dropped a music video to sell her lipstick line. Closer home, Lakme added festive glitter to gloss and L’Oreal went over-board with Reds. Our personal Sugar favourites is The Big Bang Berry in matte, for easy day to evening. And the Matte As Hell Crayon Mary Poppins Fuchsia that turns a regular mouth to kissable instant.

Eyes on You

Can’t help it, but borrow a page from this Sugar mommy. If you are as addicted to brows and too much is never enough, eyeliners. Here’s how experts advise you keep them peepers shining:

  1. Always store your liquid eye liner in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight to increase shelf-life
  2. Avoid sharing make-up that comes in direct contact with your skin. We’re talking lipsticks, concealers and of course eye liners
  3. Maintain good hygiene when using the product
  4. Liquid eyeliners can be used from 3 – 6 months after opening. Beyond that, it is better to let go of it.