Who would think this chica was a double major with Chemistry and Food Technology as her grad subjects? Wait, her career trajectory is even more quirky and exciting. A stint as a model, a three year fun job as a Channel [V] Veejay, followed by a glam travel career with an international airline as a flight attendant. You would think that would be enough to live a well-lived life? Not for Bianca Louzado.

Bianca Louzado

“It was my father who recommended that I learn make-up since I had a flair for it. He said to me, `One day you will do make-up for celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra. And a week later, after he passed away, I did do Priyanka Chopra’s make- up.  I would attribute my entire starting up into make-up to my parents, who paid for my expensive course, make-up kit, products. I didn’t have the money at that time to pay for the course,” shares Bianca, who only went on to make her folks at home super proud, with her dedicated and committed hard work to her new vocation –  MAKE-UP.

Better still, lucky girl, when her career began to take off, literally, involving travel, shoots, beauty pageants and more travel,  Bianca’s husband stepped in to be her pillar of strength and a stay-at-home dad for their son. “I’m barely at home, always on the go. My husband gave up his job to look after our son,” beams Bianca, who heads next month to Switzerland-Montreux Palace to make pretty a bride, with her `I’m blessed with a beautiful team of assistants to work with.’ Copy that.

For those who don’t know, Bianca currently heads the Make-up and Hair Department for Femina Miss India and Miss Diva Miss India Universe for the last three years .  Told ya, she’s one super busy mama.

Matching our travel schedules, I finally locked down India’s favourite –  the Miss India contestants, former and current will agree with me — Mistress of Make-up to an `All girls must know because our life depends on it how-to-session.  You better save this link for posterity 😉

5 Make-Up Tips this Summer

  • Using a water based primer like Smash Box before application of the foundation for it to last longer
  • Using ice cubes made out of Rose water / Green tea or Cucumber juice in a circular motion around the face to minimize pores
  • Carrying blotting papers in your purse so as to blot off excess oil. Which keeps the face looking less oily and tired.
  • Using tinted lip and cheek stains instead of powder based products as powder based products will make the skin look patchy.
  • Oh, and definitely, sunscreen or foundations that contain SPF. But remember to use only a drop or two of foundation, and use a buffer brush to even it out on the skin and blend-blend- blend.

5 Make Up brands you absolutely love and why

  • Kevin Aucoin – Because of their luxurious Celestial Skin Illuminising Liquid that one can mix in the foundation so as to achieve a luminous skin finish look.
  • Pat McGrath – For her pigmented and long lasting lipsticks.
  • Fenty – As Rihanna definitely has a foundation for every single skin tone on the Planet. I love her yummy lip gloss called ‘gloss bomb’ as it doesn’t make the lips sticky, but adds a beautiful luscious shine to the lips.
  • Armani – Luminous silk foundation. Because they blend so seamlessly into the skin and I don’t feel the need to use powder post that.
  • Laura Mercier – For their extremely micronized loose powder that sets the make-up with a light dust right at the end.

Beauty v/s Personality. Which wins and what is your advise to young women under social pressure to look good

I would definitely say it’s someone’s personality that would win hands down. And to develop that self confidence within yourself that you don’t need make-up or Botox to make you a real woman. There are so many women that I personally know who have subjected themselves to enormous facial alterations.  Sometimes I think to each his own. But it would be so nice if people accepted the way they look, age gracefully and use only make up temporarily to enhance their features and make themselves feel good.

5 memories of Goa that stay with you and cheer you up whenever you feel low

The Poder  who signals his arrival with his signature trumpet horn. And my son rushing to the gate to grab some warm poies and eat it with butter.

The drive along beautiful green fields and narrow roads with coconut trees on either side and the smell of fire wood burning.

No better mangoes that I’ve tasted in the entire world than from my aunt’s home in Colvale-Revora. The famed Mankurad. So comforting, I could eat at least five in one go.

Eating hot dos while it was freshly being prepared.

(*ED footnote – all of the above are my favourites too. I guess comes with us being true-blooded Goans)

5 destinations you haven’t traveled to and why are they on your bucket list 

  • Leh & Ladakh because the beauty of mountains beckons. Clear sky and blue waters always take my breath away. I’ve always wanted to go here, but it hasn’t happened somehow.
  • Go on a Scandinavian Cruise – Aurora Borealis to see the northern lights. Stay in an igloo hotel.
  • Greece – To at least three of the islands as I absolutely love Greek food.
  • Jerusalem – Go on a pilgrimage to see the Holy land.
  • Bora Bora – The French Polynesia because it’s so picturesque with its turquoise lagoons, and on water bungalows. Would love to go scuba diving to the coral reef.

What is the recipe to happiness

I think ignorance is bliss. There is always something small or big that troubles our little minds. And we spend sleepless nights worrying about things which are beyond our control. But, if we ignore it and deviate our minds, we would buy peace of mind and real happiness.

Check Bianca’s work at: https://www.facebook.com/BiancaLouzadoCreativeMakeUpHairDesign?ref=hl

*All make-up images of Dia Mirza, Waluscha de Souza in this article executed by Bianca Louzado