Today, September 17th marks an important dateline in the lives of many young designers who have flown across the planet to showcase themselves at the Millennium London Mayfair Hotel, London.
The reason? CEO-House of iKons, Savita Kaye. A fashion celebrity and entrepreneur who gives a platform to designers around the world, helping them reach media, press, buyers, high profiled clients, and joining forces with Fashion One TV to give global coverage to designers across 100 million viewers worldwide in more than 120 countries. Sounds iconic? You bet it does!! Introduced to each other through an overseas mutual designer friend, Savita matches enthusiasm and her fire-brand focus to curate and present talent she believes has an international future. Lady K, as she is popularly known, definitely knows what she is doing.
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Since September 2013 during London Fashion Week, her Lady K Production team along with the House of iKons has been taking the world of fashion by storm, having now aligned her event with London Fashion Week bi-annually. This September, infact TODAY, the House of iKons will pay a stunning fashion tribute to one of the biggest iKonic music legends the world has loved, experienced and lost…. PRINCE. TV channels like BritRox on Sky TV will air the show to 400 million viewers worldwide in over 76 countries.  The event also celebrates the 40th anniversary of The Princes Trust, and Savita being appointed as one of The Trust’s ambassadors is not only just raising funds through her fashion shows, but proactively fund raising with The Trust and highlighting this royal charity’s work with young people. Her House of iKons shows have also taken place in Los Angeles, Beijing, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Earlier this year in February 2016, more international designers from as far as China and LA, as well as up and coming emerging British designers graced the catwalk, showcasing over 14 designers under one roof, in one day, who not only exhibited couture from around the world, but also sold and furthered celebrity endorsements.
Says Savita, “Designers have been signed to departments stores around the world and working with major celebrities such as JLo, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Tyra Banks to name but a few. The House of iKons has been created as a platform to launch emerging designers to the next level. Models and presenters who have taken part with the House of iKons shows here in London, Dubai and Los Angeles have also benefited and are currently working in TV, film and hosting their own TV shows in Hollywood,” shares Kaye.
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As tributes fly in from the music industry worldwide to honour this legend, House of iKons is the only international fashion house paying tribute and celebrating Prince’s music with fashion from around the world, “As this great artist was a fashion iKon who created trends, was the trend and believed in not fitting into a “box.” Prince believed in being an individual expressing this through his music and fashion trends,” says Kaye passionately.
I believe without a doubt. Here’s wishing the event and her talent team all the best.
This event is sponsored by KSAVI, HoD Perfumes, Maria Golfinopoulou, Beauti-fly, Eugene Weldon.
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Participating designers: Afternoon Show:
Opening of Afternoon Show Prince Tribute by House of iKons Team
1. Lisa Jayne Millinery (Grand Opening)
2. C-Atomic by Geeta Handa
3. Gabriella Gambetta
4. YEN
5. Ann-Celeste London
7. Links by Gwen
8.  I love Four Seasons by Emilia Walls
9. FFolaji London
10. Kyree Forrest
11. Reka Orosz (Grand Finale)
Music entertainment by Tara Flanagan
Participating Designers Evening Show:
Opening of Evening Show Prince Tribute by House of iKons Team
1. Yama (Grand Opening)
2. Forever Devine
3. Shaleena Nowbuth
4. EmMarie by Emma Curtis
5. Rocky Gathercole
6. Raffealla
7. Boastie of London
8. Haus of MoHawk
9. Sajda by Suman
10. Mitch Desunia (Grand Finale)
Music entertainment by Lydia Singer
Exhibition Stands open to guests:
1. HoD (Perfume/Fragrance)
2. Sajda by Suman (Designer Wear)
3. Maria Golfinopoulou (Diamond Jewellery)
4. C-Atomic by Geeta Handa (Designer Wear)
5. Make up by Kelly
6. FFoloji Couture (Designer Wear)
7. Haus of MoHawk (Designer Wear/Accessories)
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