They are international celebrity. A cut above the edge. A label desired and coveted by Kylie Jenner, JLO, Lady Gaga, Fergie Beyonce and aspired by youth desperately to up their fashion cred in a FSP signature garment.

Jet-setting across the Atlantic as comfortably as the home shores of the Arabian Sea, designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock will effortlessly re-write the style rules for the `Rebel’ on Friday, February 3 at Jio Gardens, Mumbai, signalling a return to ramp at the Lakme Fashion Week Spring-Resort 2017.

Within fashion circles, the hiatus has been discussed by fashionistas and followers, while we eagerly await the return. “Our decision to participate was last minute,” say the designers, “but we can’t wait to unveil this specially curated line,” they add.

Designers Falguni and Shane Peacock

This is our cue to hit the ramp headlights. Enter, the Rebel. Those with a cause, please stand up.

“Every woman has a Rebel in her, the idea which changes in different phases of her life. This collection is for these edgy and independent women who make a statement with their thoughts, styles and mindsets. Even though rebellious, the millennial woman has a penchant for tasteful elegance and offbeat looks, without being over the top,” share the duo.

Which should be reason why fashion writers like us need to sit eyes peeled to watch this collection. Inspired by the metaphysical world, the collection is a playful balance of emotion and technique which is bold, modern and decadent in expression. Who you are is what you wear. Which translates into edgy cuts and classic silhouettes in a range of short dresses, body suits and signature gowns. Jewel tones and Goth combine. Raven black, scarlet red and plum evoking passion, seduction, sex and mystery. The Light celebrated in highlights of neutral, nude and champagne. Sparkle, crystals, sequins creating an illusion of fluidity and flow to the garment, with a play of detail in statement feathers for a wild and futuristic 70mm celluloid of narration. Certainly for ladies who like to embrace a masterpiece and totally own it (I’m thinking Cher, Gwen Stefani right now as I write this).

So, who will be the prized Rebel Showstopper for the evening? See ya at the show!!

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