What a night, a mighty night of media and hospitality stars descending at the Ascott Star KLCC – a beacon of luxury and sophistication in Kuala Lumpur — to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary in a sassy Black and Gold-themed cocktail soiree last night.
The invite said Black and Gold, but we don’t believe in rules, and why blend in when you can stand out, darling.  So, I stepped into a wave of sombre black in a gold shimmer Zara knit tunic and a black-gold sequin fringe drape feeling like Cinderella bathed in a pool of light It worked, because all eyes turned around with smiles and compliments. Including some gents with good taste asking for phone numbers (hehe) 😉
The aroma of exquisite culinary creations by Chef Shan filled the air extending beyond local cuisine to encompass a diverse array of dishes and flavours of Malaysia and from around the world. Everybody loved it.
The hospitality of team Ascott Star was top-notch, as I met industry heads, media buddies and new friends over wine, conversation, desserts and collaboration promises over a great night. The art of social conversation still rests with a few. Thank God for small mercies.  Ascott also partners and collaborates as hospitality destination with my Think Geek Media brand partner, LOL ASIA, hosting our celebrity talent in Malaysia on pitstops for gigs in the city.
Must mention the rhythms of a gamelan and traditional dance performance by Talun Laskar Tradisi, as part of the prestigious Ascott Soiree signature event series curated by The Ascott Limited as a gateway to offer guests exclusive experiences that celebrate the rich heritage and culture of Malaysia. I really had a wonderful time in the jolly company of friends of heart.
Thank You Ascott Star for inviting me and Warren Fernandez for your gracious hospitality as always ❤
I always have a big, big appetite for great food, friends who bring joy to my life, shared experiences and a jolly Italian chef and his happy team ensuring the plates and wines keep coming.
Bottega Mediterranea was on fire at the April super-foodie Aperitivity event. It was fully packed. Free flow of cold and hot dishes, the best Italian pork belly I’ve eaten, our table was buzzing with conversation and laughter – food brings joy when shared – and DJ Itzi even played my music list
The saffron risotto, charcuterie with Italian cold cuts, mini piadizza, beef spinacino, cozze in white wine sauce, the white and red wines and a whole dish of tiramisu sent to our table (I think I ODd on this) were top notch.
The full moon hung behind the clouds adding a flair of romance to this soiree that went late into the night…Next day was definitely recovery and reset ☕️
Thank you, Ricardo for a delightful evening and very gracious hospitality. Viva Italia
No vibe beats the exuberance of Italy then Italians coming together to eat, meet, gossip (oh yeah, would not be normal otherwise). I was transported back to Italy with the super delicious Italian food and wine Friday night hosted by Chef Emiliano at his restaurant (Utama1) Great food is such a turn on for me. It was a pack, loud, noisy, vibrant house. I loved it. The food was top rung Italian best (ingredients and wine directly from Italy) and foodies and friends came together to wipe clean plates with encore refills. It was a binge!!
The music by buddy DJ Dano was old classics and jazz funk and of course, I danced   I felt I was back in Sicily at a night out with my family I miss very much. And must I mention Chef Emil’s pork roast, Mamma Mia!!
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