With 2018 setting the tone for #MeToo in India, the bubble has burst. Women’s voices have moved from being in hushed tones to making headlines. Across India, mighty names have bit the dust. The movement is spilling into boardrooms, and edit desks long subjugated into silence and the politics of shame. Women have spoken boldly, loudly, with the names of their perpetrators pulled out from secret shame diaries, making #MeToo a language of gender equality, at work and at home.

However, hold it right there. Not enough has been done yet, as our country took the No 1 spot on the Thompson Reuters Foundation survey as the world’s most dangerous country for women. And recently, the Oxfam Report which called out India for gross economic inequality and unequal distribution of wealth. A stark truth of our times. So, let not any political bhakt tell you otherwise. The monster has been at play in plain sight!

Why it begins with #MeToo

Let me begin with my own story….

Here’s where you read the whole story on Women’s Web. Click on the link below.  This article was published on invitation by Women’s Web hosted at https://www.womensweb.in/2019/02/life-chose-me-to-be-badass-and-i-did-not-disappoint-feb19wk5sr/


Also, do watch this interesting campaign by  P C Chandra Jewellers Uncelebrate Women’s Day by saying like it is:  https://www.campaignindia.in/video/mmgb-pc-chandra-jewellers-wants-to-boycott-womens-day-celebrations/443074


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