Born in a traditional Royal Rajput family, it was really a very conservative thought for my family to allow their daughter into fashion and that too into Men’s wear. But in no way has my blue blood influenced my profession or made it easy. In fact, nobody from my childhood days could even see a budding designer in their little Kirti.
I got selected by NIFT and after 2-3 months I got a call from the Rajasthan Administrative Services that I was selected for R.A.S and had to appear for the interview. But destiny had something else in store and turned a budding designer and bureaucrat into a housewife!!

Critics Turn Front-Row Spectators
My childhood dream to carve out a niche for myself took me back to the glittering world of fashion. I started a humble and determined beginning from my home, with a second-hand old sewing machine bought with my own savings of Rs 5000. And that too on instalment with one tailor working from the garage of my house. The machine was old, but the ideas were fresh. I being a non-entity in fashion, had to face a lot of negative comments. But my strong determination broke the glass ceiling and got me into the world of Men’s wear. It was not all easy coming from a traditional Royal Rajput family, but I had the will, it found a way.
Today, after so many national and international shows and prestigious awards under my belt, I have proved my critics wrong, who are now quite eager to claim the front rows of my shows.

Brand Role Model
I grew up fascinated seeing my uncles and ancestors dressing up in royal attires. I thought when a Manish Malhotra, being a Male, can design for Rekha , why not Kirti Rathore for Amitabh Bachchanji?!!

Definitive trends in men’s wear
Bandgalas in Kalamkari, Dabuu prints, bold colours in Nehru jackets . Polo pants, hand crafted jackets with detailing, multi -purpose use detachable collars, hand embroidered jackets, antique royal robes , Breeches with side zippers. Keeping my heritage alive with modern and contemporary designs is my contribution to fashion.