I watched the show with rapt attention. Thanks to the digital era, in real time. As NOW FASHION streamed the show LIVE, I prayed my Wifi would hold up. My nerves did too eventually, as Rahul Mishra created quite a sensation in Paris with a collection that now firmly puts him in the galaxy of the design universe. There is nothing more to prove, except pray that his star continues to rise.

Creating a powerful comment on the fast-paced world we live in, Rahul’s collection implored we stop and stare, smell the flowers, feel the wings flap, as bees caught in embroidery, in flight, dazzling against the spectrum of sunlight, dance about daily Nature’s business. It still smelled of sunflowers (SS 2017), but Rahul continues to draw strong references from his favourite muse: Mother Nature.

Calling out his collection a note to slow down, only to produce an exquisite line to race our hearts in the delicate beauty and finesse of his gift. Stripes were everywhere, caught in time, frozen in a blur, a collar, buttoned down detail, a jacket that moved with a life of its own. Flowers, insects, tiny bees, flashes of green, orange, lazy blues in cotton and linen, all attracted, daze, drunk on light…

Rahul’s forte to command embroidery to his will is now legendary. Dancing them across waists, shoulders, ruffled sleeves and scalloped edges, creating the illusion of petals on dresses, jackets, asymmetrical cut hemlines, handkerchief skirts. Tricky juxtaposition of fabrics, some delicate, wispy, creating layers, checks against solid, and motifs of blue birds in flight… a mood board inspired by the serenity of his village, and I know for sure, a calmness of mind and spirit. A magical troupe of elves orchestrating a symphony of light and shadow, with a fierce dedication to originality. Hold on to them, Rahul, and the purity of your sight.