#CollectionReview You have to absolutely give it to this `Queen’!!
Kangana Ranaut totally re-defines “Rethink Ethnic” as the today woman’s contemporary statement for Melange by Lifestyle. I like the girl. She embodies high voltage attitude, re-invention,unpredictability, so there it’s officially out #TeamKangana

As free-spirited, feisty, strong-headed as she comes, and as the fashion brand’s newest ambassador, Kangana’s edgy personality rubs off a bold, fearless, individualist style that frankly very few women can shoulder effortlessly.  This alone drew me to Melange.
Having checked the collection myself, what appeals to my personal wardrobe sensibilities is how I can style these different garments to create a voice that is my own. Modern and global, moody and chic, with the right accessories to accentuate a day or evening look. 

The collection has obviously invested time to think this through and it shows. Straight lines, funky throws, full skirts, layers, palazzos, stylised kurtas, stripes over solids,  and colours (indigo, sky, moody blues, purple) that totally speak to me, and complement a versatile mix-and-match for occasion.

Here’s more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NFg2OjiSeM 
Go get!!