Tweet: The celebration of Luxury sets the mood today at #AICW2015. Anju Modi, Monisha Jaisingh and Varun Bahl will break a heartbeat.
FB Post: 3 niche luxury couturiers will interpret Luxury in 3 distinctive styles through a narration of nostalgia, romance, vintage and the call of the sea. Anju Modi, Monisha Jaisingh and Varun Bahl celebrate the feminine form in couture for the jetsetter woman. Luxury is the new IT #AICW2015

Opening & Closing for Monisha Jaisingh interview:

Luxury goddess Monisha Jaisingh shares LIVE why resort bride is her new uber statement at #AICW2015 Coming up Q& A.

A breath of refreshing sea  breeze just hit #AICW2015. Luxury resort will make port at Monisha Jaisingh’s show

Anju Modi creates a poetic narrative with enchanted Persia #AICW2015. Evoke your inner poet at 5pm

Tweet: Vintage, Handcrafted. Timeless. Organic, Anju Modi opens `Kashish’ at 5pm

FB Post: Anju Modi’s Kashish is an abstract poetic inspiration reflecting Persian influences. Silhouettes, motifs on an interplay of colours and detail. Not to be missed

Monisha Jaisingh presents luxury prêt for the luxury bride #AICW2015. A date with Ms Flamboyance awaits at 6pm.

FB Post: Star shells on sky blue, scented sea salts with `The Sailing Bride’ collection. Monisha Jaisingh goes uber chic at 6pm

Tweet: A runway yacht wedding on the cards? Must see Monisha Jaisingh for resort inspiration #AICW2015

Opening: Design is an heirloom passed through generations believes Varun Bahl in an exclusive Q&A #AICW2015. Coming up.

Closing: Varun Bahl concludes a Diva’s guide to exclusive chic #AICW2015. See you at the show

Tweet: A master class on contemporary vintage. Classic luxury has a muse in Varun Bahl #AICW2015 off-site show at 9.30pm

Post: Heirloom collection, a must pass down design antique #AICW2015, Varun Bahl is a vintage

lover’s dream come true at 9.30pm


Tweet:  #AICW2015 is re-defining Couture. Catch all the highlights LIVE.

Post: Steeped in nostalgia, Anju Modi re-writes her fashion script. Catch pure emotion LIVE streaming NOW

Tweet: Anju Modi creates a `Kashish’ for ancient Persia #AICW2015.  Watch it LIVE

Tweet: Served Fabulous. The chic resort bride is the new IT girl #AICW2015 Coming up HOT

Tweet: Vintage heirloom for the Diva by Varun Bahl #AICW2015. A tryst with time at 9.30pm

Designers Interview LIVE on Twitter before the show

1)    The enigma of Varun Bahl is classic romantic vintage. Elaborate
2)    Would you call yourself the Master Enchanter or Master Couturier?
3)    What motifs are your driving inspiration
4)    The nostalgia for romance is perhaps your strong essence. What is this emotion in design
5)    Couture as heirloom is a tough act. How do you meet this challenge?
6)    What should we look forward to in your upcoming offsite collection?
7)    Is the world ready for Indian high fashion couture? What seals our positioning
8)    Three trends that define Varun Bahl

Tweet: Couture takes over capital city. Rohit Bal, Reynu Taandon, Rimple & Harpreet Narula and Debarun will trail blaze today at #AICW2015

Post: Design as Art is Couture’s style statement. Are you ready for your master class with designers Rohit Bal, Reynu Taadon, Rimple & Harpreet Narula? #AICW2015 debuts Debarun with a modern interpretation of vintage Bollywood. Stay locked to haute fashion