Ethel Da Costa

India's Award Winning Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist, Media Influencer-Media Entrepreneur

Ethel da Costa
Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist, Founder-CEO, Think Geek Media
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Sushi Surfing

Summer is blistering heat, frayed nerves and hungry withdrawals for food that does not bog you down. The pit-stop for

Comfort is the new Go-To

The new word to power dressing is Comfort, says Nehza Alaoui from Morocco, a lifestyle writer,designer and editor of Mayshad

The Luxe checklist

Here’s our tried and tested luxe checklist to re-define personal luxury in skincare Soundarya Serum The first commandment in beauty
The Brand Stylist

Mumbai Masala

Mumbai’s sought after Fashion editorial and Bollywood photographer, Kaustub Kamble gets all trigger happy executing the 11 th Anniversary Collector’s
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